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Three things Thursday!

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How's your desk lookin'?

My desk is the one place where I still sometimes struggle with clutter. I just can't always get to paper as it comes in the door. Luckily there are a few ways to counteract this sitch. Check it here:

1) Papers:

Are they piled and messy on your desk? Only papers that are pertinent to your current work should be at hand. And y'all know I love vertical storage, it takes up less space on your desk and limits the amount you can "pile".

2) Empty space:

I always encourage people to be okay with empty space. You do not have to fill every inch with something. It's a hard concept to wrap your head around - but it's important. Space is calming and it literally gives you space to think and work. And y'all know I'm all ABOUT SPACE! :)

3) Personal Items:

Yes, we spend a LOT of time at work and we need to have visual reminders of WHY we work so hard. But limit them to 3 items or under to avoid distractions.

PROP personal items

Peace, love, and labelmakers!


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