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Three things Thursday!

Did y'all watch? :)


In case you didn't get to tune in, click the pic to see my last segment on Good Afternoon Arkansas on desk organization!

Now back to today's topic - we have been back in Arkansas for about 2 years now and I am STILL so happy to be here. Yes, sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle of NYC life and my super fun career in fashion, but at the end of the day, I'm much happier back in my home state being my own boss and meeting and helping new people every day. I wanted to focus today on 3 businesses in Arkansas that make the day-to-day SO much easier for me and my family. If you are not a Central Arkansas Local - never fear, there are most likely equivalent business in your town too!

PS - there are no affiliate links in this blog - I genuinely stand behind these companies

1) The Clean Eatery

For those of you who know me well, you know I have struggled with several auto-immune diseases in the past year and a half, many of which can be traced back to toxins present in processed foods. As part of my healing process (yes, I'm evidently a hippie now who uses phrases like "healing process"), I started ordering meals from the Clean Eatery for myself and my family. The food is delicious. Everything is made fresh daily from local Arkansas farms (support local!) and you can customize the menu according to your needs and preferences. My whole family is making healthier choice now because The Clean Eatery makes it just so darn easy!.

2) Tide Dry Cleaners:

I'm mildly and weirdly obsessed with my dry cleaner. I have had to "break up" with 4 different dry cleaners since moving to Little Rock. But now that I have landed on Tide Dry Cleaners I just can't be happier. They pick up AT MY HOUSE on Monday and drop off AT MY HOUSE on Thursday. They do EXCELLENT work. They are friendly, prompt and helpful. They recycle ALL the hangers I leave them in a bag (again, I'm a hippie now). And a bonus - they give me tide pod samples with my dry cleaning. What's not to love?

3) New Image Mobile:

The actual adult equivalent of waking up to presents on Christmas Morning: Getting your car detailed by New Image Mobile. Corey drives the van to our house and he and his team clean both of our toddler infested cars (God bless 'em). It's the best money I spend every month. Call Corey and get on his schedule (they book up fast!).