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3 things Thurs: Printed Photos!

I'll go into more detail in this on my segment on Good Afternoon Arkansas this afternoon - so TUNE IN. But here are the basics - 3 of them to be exact. Enjoy!

As we get closer to the holidays many of us will be taking some time off. I love to fill a good chilly day at home with a project, so the holidays are the perfect time to do a little photo organizing. Not only is having your photos organized great for being able to put your finger on that crazy picture of Uncle Joe at your wedding, but it's also fun to go through them all and reminisce when family is in town. Here are some tips that I use when organizing client's photos.

- Ditch the dupes. Unless you are planning on dividing up your collection, you probably don't need doubles of every single shot. Go through and keep one of each.

- Weed out blurry or just plain awful photos: Waaaay back in the day we had these things called cameras that were separate from your smartphone. What would happen is you would snap a pic and NOT be able to immediately see it on an included screen (I KNOW CRAZY). Instead you ended up taking about 10 shots and crossing your fingers for a good one, and about a week later you'd know if the finger crossing worked. Well that process ended in A LOT of blurry, out of focus print outs, and you now have permission to ditch them.

2) Organize:

- Purchase some nice acid-free photo storage boxes with dividers - here are some work great.

-Start with a chunk of photos and just start sorting them. Go chronological - first try to sort by year - or if you are like me and can't pin-point basically any year of your life, sort by chunk of life - some examples of life chunks are junior high, high school, college, you get it. Once you get that sorted, you can either file them by those chunks or get even more nitty gritty and sort by events. It's entirely up to you as to how detailed you want to get in your organizing style.

2) Digitize:

1) Not everyone wants to digitize, but as a child of the 80s I have half of the images of my life in print and half on my phone, and I would like for them all to be somewhere together in the same format, and preferably a format that can't be destroyed (and I'd also like those pics of my ancestors in there as well). So after you have all the photos in chronological order. Think about the end result - how do you want to preserve them?

2) There are a few ways to go about this:

- you can buy a photo scanner and slowly archive all of them (which I have done)

- you can send them away to a digitizing center like, where not only will they scan them for you using their fancy schmancy scanning facility, but they will store the for you and guarantee that storage for 100 years.They also have a great app for you to organize all of them straight in the app. You can even use Forever to make books and photo gifts. It honestly doesn't get any easier than this. I use them personally, and if you'd like to as well, click the pic for a link for 2MB FREE free storage AND $10.00 off at!

Don't forget to check out ABOUT SPACE TODAY ON CHANNEL 7 TODAY (3PM, Good Afternoon Arkansas)!

Peace, love, and labelmakers yallz!


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