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3 things Thurs: Holiday UNdecorating

Did yall catch me last week on Good Afternoon Arkansas getting all pumped about photo organization? Well if you didn't, catch it here!

I'll go into more UNdecorating details in my next segment on CHRISTMAS EVE - so TUNE IN. But here are the basics - 3 of them to be exact. Enjoy!

1) Santa take back bag- did you know that if you leave a bag of gently used toys out on Christmas Eve, Santa will take them back to the North Pole and distribute them next year? Well, it’s true, and the more you leave the better chance that he may leave you a few extra as well!

Pro tip - SOMETIMES Santa forgets his take-back bag (I mean, he's pretty busy and all), so feel free to send them to the North Pole via your local donation station.

2) Hanging wrapping station- if you ever read my blog you know that I love to hang everything. Same is true with wrapping paper. Here's how I organize my wrapping paper: 1 for regular wrapping and 1 for Christmas wrapping. Hanging your wrapping supplies makes it so much easier to see what you have and clean-up is a wrap (snort).

3) Photo labels-

- Many of us label our boxes of decorations by type. And while that works, it’s also great to go one step further and use a photo of the contents. You’ll know exactly how you laid everything out and where everything goes next year.

Pro tip: when you are labeling and putting your Christmas decor away, take stock of all of the things you didn’t use this season, it’s a great time to purge any old decor that no longer serves you.

Peace, love, and labelmakers yallz!


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