• Meg

3 things Thursday - Emotional Clutter

New year, new you. Here are some things to let go of in 2019.

Y'all know I'm always talking about space. And clutter. and stuff. But really, clutter can be anything holding you back from what you want to accomplish or how you want to live your life. Here are a few items that you can leave in 2018.

1) Negativity-

I read a post the other day that said something to the effect of "start interrupting anxious thinking and negative self-talk with thoughts like 'what if it all works out?' or 'what if all of my hard work pays off?' It's pretty amazing how this tiny change of phrasing can change your outlook. I find it's really the same with all negativity. The sooner you can drop negative thinking from your mental vocabulary, the sooner you will see actual positive change.

Give it a try - I mean - what if it all works out? ;)

2) Toxic people - 'Kay yeah, kinda the same as negative thoughts, BUT - do you ever find yourself mentally drained by someone you know after spending time with them? Do they make yo fee bad/guilty/anxious/upset? It's time to move them out of your life. Just like regular clutter, they are doing nothing to promote a better life for you or your family and they will get in the way of goals and happiness.

3) Past infractions-

So this can be a tough one, but holding on to old hurts can really only continue to hurt you. Try to forgive. Think about what's happened, write it down, talk to a friend or a therapist, and try to start letting go. Or, if all of that is too much, just "visit" the idea of forgiveness until you are ready to commit the act of forgiving.

Keep in mind, others are not always the ones who need to be forgiven. How about you? Do you beat yourself up about things you've said or done? Negative self-talk about past issues only hinders forward movement.

Just like physical clutter, you can approach emotional clutter the same way: Examine the situation, define which thoughts help you move forward (items you need) and which thoughts don't serve you (items to discard). Keep the items you need as easily accessible as possible. And Voila, you just cleared your head for 2019.

Happy New Year Everyone!