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3 things Thursday - Random Stuff!

I hate to be this person BUT IT'S TIME TO TAKE DOWN HOLIDAY DECOR.

Love you bye!

Also - check out all the cool stuff I'm doing to help you lead a clutter-free life!

1) Need a little help on taking down Holiday decor?

Check out the segment I did last week on Good Afternoon Arkansas!

(And yes it takes 2 seconds to load once you get to the page but it's WORTH IT LOL)

2) K this is kind of phoning it in - BUT check me out TODAY at 3PM on Channel 7! I'll be talking about Bathroom organization and it's a GOOD ONE!

Photo = Source unknown

3) I wanna hear from YOU!

What area or space would you like to see featured in a segment? either reply to this e-mail (if you received this via my newsletter) or email me at megan@aboutspaceorganizing.com.

Operators are standing by! Okay not really, but I promise to get back to you in 24 hours or less! Thank you!!!

Peace, love and labelmakers,


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