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3 things Thursday - Stay true to the Loo


I wanted to share last week's segment on Good Afternoon Arkansas all about organizing yo' bathroom. Click below, and if you don't want to watch I have the cliff notes under the photo and in the article!

1) Declutter: Big surprise right?

Just like any other room in your house - the best way to start organizing your bathroom is to pull EVERYTHING out and declutter. Just like food - medicines, creams, and makeup have an expiration date. Get rid of anything expired or questionable. Also - really think about anything left and ask yourself - are you really going to use this product?

2) Have a clear countertop:

I cannot stress this enough. You need soap, a glass and MAYBE hand lotion but that's really it. Because once your bathroom countertop is cluttered, your whole bathroom will seem cluttered - KEEP IT CLEAN.

3) Maximize under sink space:

Those pipe really can put a cramp in your style (and space). Here is a link to the under sink organizer that I talk about in the segment. It literally doubles your space!

AND THANK YOU to everyone who wrote in with ideas for segments (and especially you Maggie Smith - so many great ideas for DAYZZZZ)! Y'all will be seeing them on the show all year long!

Peace, love and labelmakers,


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