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3 things Thursday - "getting ready" hacks

Okay, maybe a weird topic for an organizing blog, but you can absolutely file this under productivity. Hacking your "getting ready" routine can save you so much time in the AM. And sorry fellas, this blog is definitely lady-geared, except for point 3 - you can def. skip to that. :)

1) Quick nails

Here's a funny thing that happens - every time I am on air someone mentions how much they like my nails. What they don't know is that were actually APPLIED IN THE CAR ON THE WAY TO THE STUDIO. Classy, right (snort)? Because of the nature of my job, I cannot keep and maintain nice nails. It's just not possible when one is continually hauling items and picking labels off of bins. So every second Thursday, I press on these "Impress" nails for the show (yup, a la "Lee press-ons" if you are old enough to remember). And they come off as soon as I get home. Cheap in easy manicure when you are in a pinch - impressive!

2) Highlight:

Many of you know that I have struggled with a couple of auto-immune diseases over the last couple of years. They have definitely taken their toll in the ole "face and body" department. Well I don't (sadly) have a body hack, but I do have a hack to make you look just a little more alive and vibrant on those days where your skin is looking a little sluggish. HIGHLIGHT. I found this product from my very favorite beauty blogger and it has been a staple for at least 2 years now: The Balm Mary Lou-minizer. Apply a straight line down from forehead, to nose to chin, and then at the tops of your cheeks. Instantly make your skin look fresher.

3) Shower the night before:

Lets face it, most of your morning "getting ready" routine is consumed by shower or shower related activities (like hair drying). Ain't nobody got time for that. Shower early in the evening and either blow-out your hair then or let it dry naturally before bed. It's a game changer.

Peace, love and labelmakers,


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