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3 Things Thursday: Favorite Things

......Here are a few of my fa-vor-ite things....Okay I never claimed to be a deep thinker - efficient, tidy, organized - YES - but I am certainly not solving any major world problems here. HOWEVER, I have found a few items that bring joy and simplicity to my life, and I love to share them. Here are 3 of my current faves:

1) MAGNETIC DOOR STOP- Are you like me and own a house that wasn't built yesterday? We have a magnetic door stop on EVERY SINGLE DOOR in out home (courtesy of my favorite home renovators Dogwood Homes Arkansas). Not only does every door (that I want to) stay open, but there is a very satisfying mini thud that goes along with sticking them that way. If you have an older house - these guys are LIFE-CHANGING.

2) Cheap (and good) shelving- are you putting off organizing your garage/storage space/attic because it's too expensive to buy shelving? I have your answer. Plano shelves come in tons of colors and you can make them as many levels as you prefer. It comes together in under a minute and can hold up to 150LBS per shelf. YES, THEY ARE PLASTIC. Sorry about that but I LOVE THEM (and they are $20) (and you can also have them delivered from Wal-Mart). Speaking of which....

3) GROCERY DELIVERY: Kay, so we all went crazy when Kroger started click-listing right? Hold on to your milk gallons because Wal-Mart NOW DELIVERS your groceries. I have lately been getting both my groceries and organizing supplies delivered AT THE SAME TIME on Saturday morning when I am still in my JamJams. Just head to the website, sign up for an account, and check delivery. It's like, dreamy.

Happy Thursday my friends!!!

Peace, love, and labelmakers!


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