• Meg

3 Things Thursday: Pantry in a wad?

......Check a sista out TODAY on Good Afternoon Afternoon Arkansas! I'll be discussing the below tips and MORE on Pantry Organization!

1) Decant - Not just for wine anymore - I decant ERRERYTHANG - Usually in an Oxo Pop canister - from Dishwasher pods to crackers. AND PLEASE RECYCLE DAT PACKAGING. Decanting looks nicer, yes, but you can also much more easily tell what you have and when you will run out. PRO TIP - if there are special instructions for say, pasta, rice, etc., tape the instructions on the back, under the lid, or on the bottom.

And label those bad boys!

**Bonus points if you have a vinyl cutter label or these labels from Amazon.

2) Lazy Susans aren't lazy - they are really, really smart and other products are just jealous of Susan's brilliance. Don't steal her sunshine. So great for those hard to reach areas, awkward corners, and really anywhere you don;t want to knock over a vinegar to get to the peanut butter fluff.