• Meg

3 Things Thursday: What about your Car? (Part 2)

......In case y'all missed it last week - here's a link to the segment and links to the remaining items that were not on last week's blog!

1) Headrest hooks: I LOVE my seat hooks. I hang either my handbag or oversized water bottle on my passenger seat hooks. It's especially great for a handbag so if you have a sudden stop, your bag is not upended with the contents going flying all over the front of your car.

PRO TIP - if you have kids, get the one that will hold your phone for movies during car rides.

2) Back Seat Organizer: I keep this organizer in between my children's carseats. We keep their water bottles and anything they may need to entertain themselves - small toys, activity books, art supplies, etc.

3) Mile IQ: do you need to track your miles for work? I think it falls under the larger umbrella of car organization. I use the app MileIQ to track every trip I take in my car. At the end of the month I reconcile which trips were for business and which were not.