• Meg

3 Things Thurs: And we're back

......Okay so I had to take a little 3 things break due to the craziness of BTS. BUT WE ALL MADE IT BACK TO SCHOOL OKAY! And thanks to several new routines, we are surviving and (hopefully) thriving. I LOVE a good routine, and I wanted to share a minute about some of my routines.

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1) Coffee Set: such a little action, such a big impact.

I USED to be a "spring out of bed and sing" type of morning person. A couple of kids and auto-immune diseases later, it's now REALLY hard for me to get up. I'm an official grump. But there is NOTHING like waking up to freshly made coffee. Set it the night before and forget it until the AM. If you are a coffee drinker - I encourage you to give it a shot (see what I did there?).

2) Kid Launchpad: I have littles, so I need to get them prepared for the school day. The routine starts early and is ongoing. As soon as my kiddos walk in the door after school, they know to 1) Take off their shoes and put them away, socks go directly into the washing machine 2) Lunchboxes and thermoses go on the counter by the sink to be washed out 3) Backpacks go on the far counter for later folder perusal. Having my kids play a part of the routine is not only helpful to me, but it is SO good for them to be able to understand and partake in this activity.

I wash out their thermoses and bento boxes and leave them to dry for their dad to make lunches for them in the AM - he is an early riser and loves to make their lunches (THANK GOODNESS!).

At bedtime, I grab an outfit for both and put them on the stairs so I can pick them up on my way back up the stairs after bedtime (using my method "the walk block"). Then I lay the clothes out on out bench (their "launchpad") for them to find after breakfast in the AM. They can get dressed anywhere they please, as long as they put their dirty clothes immediately into the washer afterwards and get their shoes and socks on (they pick those out too).

So when Alexa alerts us at 7:25 that "Luella and Oliver, you need to get in the car for school" here's what has been accomplished: Kids are dressed, fed, hair and teeth brushed, backpacks and lunches ready. And most of that happens for me in about 30 minutes. It's week 2 and we almost have it down! All of these little pieces of routine add up to actually getting out of the door with (usually) no fuss.

3) It's OKAY to tweak your routine. Routines are put in place to make life easier - so don't be so hard on yourself if one doesn't work out. If a part of your routine needs work, get creative. I was having a hard time getting my kids to go back downstairs to brush their teeth after breakfast (both seemed to have developed an irrational fear of the downstairs at around 7:15 each morning). So I bought another set of toothbrushes/toothpaste for them to keep in our guest bathroom. Problem solved.