• Meg

3 Things Thurs: Remote decluttering

......So many people get to "go to work" remotely nowadays. I am actually working on adding a remote "virtual" organizing service to my roster of ways to help people with clutter. But until then, how can you (sans organizer) get a handle on clutter when you are away from home? Well there is a good chance you are looking at the answer right now - your digital device. Here are a few ways you can declutter when you are standing in line at the grocery store, waiting in carpool, or just laying in bed watching Friends re-runs.

1) Contacts: Edit your contact list. I changed jobs over 3 years ago and I can pretty much guar-un-tee I will no longer need the cell phone number of one of the Korean factories I used to work with, ditto for my old boss at Tommy Hilfiger - oy (my boss at Kenneth Cole though - THAT number I'll keep! What up D! ).

But all it takes is a slide across your phone to make each unneeded contact history, and a few minutes of your time to declutter several more for good. Keep that contact list light and tight.

2) E-mail: Same goes for excess e-mail and junk. Get swipin' peeps! And while you are at it, go on to unroll.me and edit your subscriptions (but not this one, right? unless you REALLY wanna go! But like, please don't, I will miss you.)

3) Bad photos: Do you really need the photo of Junior's class roster from 2 years ago? Or a photos of the old tap shoes you just sold on FB marketplace? Probably not. Free up some digital space next time you are waiting in line.

Peace, love, and labelmakers y'all.