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Three Things Thursday and THANK YOU!! Have a happy Thanksgiving everyone!

de-cluttering and home organizing in Little Rock, Arkansas

1) I love the thought of having my major spices close at hand and showcased in something beautiful and easy to use. Check out this little spice carousel. Get yours right here.

kitchen organization in Little Rock

2) A friend from High School and I started our own "Tupperware club" in 10th grade, highest membership of 2. Needless to say we were very cool and very passionate about food storage. I heart this set of glass food storage containers with pretty pistachio lids. Try to contain yourself.

food de-cluttering in Little rock

3) Guys I'm super thankful for everyone in my life who has helped make About Space, this little dream of mine, into a reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and long weekend y'all!

Peace, love, and labelmakers,


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