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de-cluttering and home organizing in Little Rock, Arkansas

I'm continuing on this de-clutter train with a few more things to divest your home of before the new year.

1) Busted gift bags, wrapping paper, and bows:

You know you've received one before - a gift bag that was a little too broken in. A creased corner there, a small tear at the edge, one of the handles is coming out of the hole... Or even worse - YOU'VE GIVEN ONE. Don't be that person. Unless you can take the utmost care of these bags whilst storing them in between gift-giving events, please don't re-gift them.

Wrapping paper is even harder to re-use. Once it's been opened, no matter how careful you are, it's dones-ville. Toss after opening.

Bows and ribbon = SO HARD to re-use. If you are feeling that a bow you received is just too precious to throw away, store it in a tupperware container so it doesn't get squashed while waiting for that special future landing spot. If you are unable to store it properly, then it's best to just let it bow, er, go.

2) Old Magazines:

Many of my clients have stacks (and sometimes, lots of stacks) of magazines laying around. I know these stacks are for that one magical day that he/she will have the time to read them all, but in the meantime, more magazines are still coming in the door. It's a vicious media cycle (VICIOUS I TELL YOU!):

1) you receive magazines and don't have the time to read them

2) you stack 'em up to be read later

3) you never make the time to read them

4) You keep seeing said "stack" and then feel guilty that you can never do the things in life that you want to accomplish

5) more magazines arrive

6) repeat cycle.

It's almost the end of the year, so on December 31st, let's make a deal. If you have not made it to the end of those stacks - toss those magazines in the recycle bin. Then, when new magazines arrive in January, try to read them 1 or 2 at a time and not let them stack up in the new year (better yet, cancel your paper subscription and just view them online, where you can hoard them digitally FOREVER!)

3) Old or infrequently used toiletries and cosmetics:

Y'all - we're talking the axe body spray gift set and an lip smackers you "may" have laying around. Unused cosmetic supplies and toiletries clutter your space. I know you feel guilty about tossing them - but THEY ARE THE ONES WHO SHOULD FEEL GUILTY (for, you know, not being useful or living up to their potential and all ;)). Only keep things in your bathroom that make you feel good and beautiful!

***Also helpful with these items - EXPIRATION DATES! Here's a little chart to get you going.

Peace, love, and labelmakers,


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