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de-cluttering and home organizing in Little Rock, Arkansas

As 2016 draws to a close, let's talk about your closet. There are some things you shouldn't have in there when the new year are 3 biggies:

1) "When I" clothes:

When I am 20 Lbs thinner, When I get invited to the Oscars, When I gain weight, When I dress as Joan Crawford again for Halloween. In order to live your best life, you need to honor and dress the body and life that you have now. Here's why:

• If you lose the weight - great! I can promise that you won't want to wear those old skinny/flare/boyfriend jeans from 3 years ago. If it happens, reward yourself with a new pair (and kick those fat pants to the curb).

• Rid yourself of the clothes that fit the heavier you, it will motivate you to not have those extra cals (because you won't have anything that fits!)

• If you ever get to the Oscars (or any red carpet/ ultra formal event).


Trust me, these dresses are so trendy, it will be hard to find one that is truly timeless. Ten bucks says the one you have is already passé.

• Old halloween costumes - guys, they take up way too much closet real estate. Better to be original (and just don't repeat that Joan Crawford costume, it wasn't that great the first time around - NO.WIRE.HANGERS.EVER)

2) Anything that is annoying or fussy: A strap that always falls down, a skirt that rides up, a sleeve that catches on door knobs, a hook and eye closure on a bra that inevitably draws blood (you hear me?). Beautiful clothes should be easy. They should make you feel confident and beautiful.

Basically, clothes are like people - don't hang out with the ones that drive you crazy or make you look bad.

2) "Virgin" Clothing: We have all done it - bought something on impulse and never wore it. It's okay, we all make mistakes. It's time to cut the tag, er, cord. Take all of your NWT clothing and donate them to a cause that can really use them. (Or, if they are designer, sell them on sites like You will make some extra space in your closet, do a good deed, and stop that vicious cycle of thinking "OMG I'VE NEVER EVEN WORN THIS WHY DID I BUY IT!" every time you pass it by.

Go forth and purge those closets. Make room for all of the great things to come into your life in 2017.

Peace, love, and labelmakers,


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